Here at Ripped Knees we value each and every customer that visits our site and business. It is important to us to remain true to those ideals that have made us the destination of choice for so many: to always bring you only the best service and products our industry has to offer. Whether you need a complete scooter, one that you can custom build yourself, or parts from the leading brands out there, we are here for you, and we are always happy to offer you our advice and assistance in terms of choices – and our ongoing support.


After a few years in London’s property market, and later as a Business and Marketing student in the North East, I established myself in the exciting world of scooters and related interests. It was somehow inevitable, I think, considering that surfing has always been a great interest of mine. Now, after 8 years of dealing with scooters and customers that love them as much as I do, I can truly say that I get up with a smile every morning – and go to bed a happy man every night as I am one of the lucky ones: I live my passion!


We always make sure that our loyal customers know where to find us, both online and at our Newcastle Upon Tyne shop where we stock the best quality pro scooters and parts of the world’s top brands. Having been featured in the Newcastle Chronicle Online we have ensured an even greater awareness of our services and the quality of our scooters and parts. We’re also very happy with having John Young, an excellent 17-year old rider from Sunderland who has ridden for Dominator Scooters in the past, on our team. We’re equally excited to have Josh, one of the best North East riders, associated with us.


Here at Ripped Knees we are lucky to be able to live our passion, which is to bring our followers the best products the market has to offer those that love scooters, skates and related activities. We just love hearing from our customers what they enjoy and like, and therefore we always make sure that we follow all the trends, that we check out all leading brands and those that enjoy the best following, which we then introduce here on our website and in our stores. We believe that if you feel the passion, you will pass it on and inspire those that support you! Passion for what we do is what drives us.


We understand that true service to our customers requires a commitment from us, one that has its roots in what we stand for here at Ripped Knees – our promise to offer the best scooters, skates and parts at the most affordable price, and always accompanied by the highest service levels in the business. Our promise is to ensure that we meet everybody’s expectations and that every customer finds in us their scooter partner, one that they will always come back to whether for new scooters, parts or a similar service.


We want to remain your first stop shop for all your scooter needs right from your choice of decks, forks, wheels, bars and everything in between to the most attentive service anywhere; therefore we pride ourselves on bringing every customer a personalised service with that personal touch they will appreciate and remember. This includes our well-received repair and replacement service, and we offer you an undertaking to collect your scooter and return it to you afterwards. Nothing is too much for us – we know how much personal attention means to our customers.


We truly appreciate the high levels of support and interest in our service and scooters, the parts we have available and the belief you – our valued supporters – have shown us all these years. Without you it would not have happened. So, here’s to many more years of bringing you only the best scooters and support to ensure you have fun and many more hours enjoying what we all love best – scooters, skates and related activities!