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Picking a scooter headset should be quite simple. The main thing you need to determine is if you require and intergrated or non integrated headset for you scooter deck. Once you know what one you need, integrated for integrated and non integrated for standard decks, its down to brand and if you need threadless or threaded. Threadless is now the most common headset and this can come with sealed or unsealed bearings. Typically, sealed bearing headsets are a much better quality and will limit dirt and grime entering the unit, prolonging your headset life and giving your scooter a better performance.
We have a great selection of stunt scooter headsets in our store including Blunt headsets, Sacrifice headsets, Districts headsets, Addict headsets, Tilt headsets and Apex headsets, Elite headsets, Revolution Headsets, Root Headsets ad many more.
There are lots of different brands out there with varying standards of headset so if you need any advice, contact our team at Ripped Knees on 0191 260 2534.