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When designing your custom stunt scooter or using our custom scooter builder, getting your set up right is one of the most important things so choosing your compression or scs is very important. Knowing you have the right parts that integrate well with others is esential for a smooth ride and for good karma with your scooter! getting this right is essential. SCS compression is the favoured set up of most of the pro riders, generally giving more strength to the area on your scooter that will see intense forces and pressure when nailing your tricks. Apex, Phoenix, Sacrifice, Crisp, Tilt, Blazer Pro and Proto SCS Compression Clamps are all available in our scooter store.

Good compression clamps range from around £40 to £80 on average and most will do the job with ease. SCS compression is usually a better soloution to solving headrock on your scooter and there are some unique systems out them from the likes of Sacrifice to help with.

With SCS compression clamps, your will have the starnut installed in your forks instead of the bars, or be using scs forks that have a built in thread to screw in the compression bolt which inserts through the middle of the clamp. Once you have adjusted your setup to what you like you are ready to go.

If you need any advice on choosing your scs clamp give our advice line a call on 0191 232 8028.

Ripped Knees Team